Because, the lyric essay liberates writer’s writing beyond genre constraints:

Because, lyric essay is subversive: It subverts the convention of genre.

Because, mind discovers in fragments: The lyric essay’s open form is suitable to the writing mind.

Because, it permits inclusivity and diversity: The lyric essay is free of constraint.

Because, writing can practice compassion: The lyric essay resembles the human condition.

Because, writing explores: The lyric essay releases the mind from physical confinement in a body constrained by space and time.

Because, words are the media used to translate images to the page: The lyric is an aperture, a meditation on engaged passion.

Because, I am a dreamer: The lyric essay is a mind map, an idiosyncratic map for a dreamer in timeless communication.

Because, I desire community: The lyric essay is minded in gravity free space, trusting the process.

Because, books are sustainable: The lyric essay is an inactive conversation with literature’s generous minds.

Because, I resist : The lyric essay does not wish to persuade, but distills perception through discovery, serendipity, and wonder.

Somewhere, around the midpoint of frustration with fiction, the writer encountered the lyric essay.

Published by: deborahdibari

Escape from the human realization of earthly and bodily confinement has inspired greatness and savagery. My conflict often gives way to delight in each twist and turn of narrow cobbled streets despite my rejection of foundational narratives supporting the systemic oppression by the church and state. My experiences in Europe, living in Rome and extensive visits for work, leisure and exploration are the frame for my writing.